What a week!

What a relief to spend Saturday without stress. I had a very good night sleep. Wooh! I survived the stress week! Huge number of tickets to manage, unreasonable colleague, responsibilities at home, challenges at work, and loneliness. All these things fired out in me last week. It was a tiring and challenging season for me. But you know what, these challenges are considered treasures. These challenges will drive you to improve. I remember our sessions with our MBB Director, he told us that we must face the problems and challenges by considering those as our treasures in life, hence, we will not improve. That encouraged me to look up, pray and remember my dreams. I want to improve myself, responses, perspective and actions. Mature people face challenges strongly and boldly. You need to be proactive in giving solutions to these treasures and the grace to shake the stress off of your mind. Inhale. Exhale. Everything will be fine, just be calm and find peace.


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